Sunday, April 14, 2013

Only an Asshole Gets Killed for a Car

"It wasn't the first feature to mash up science fiction, underground culture and cutting-edge music; 'Liquid Sky' was a huge indie hit in 1982, but its more cerebral, synth-driven saga contrasts sharply with the rough-and-ready of Cox's politically astute debut. And 'Liquid Sky' was set in New York, a city then secure in its status as the center of the cultural universe. Cox's film, in comparison, explores the edges of a metropolis that was in search of a center, a place where 'the life of a repo man is always intense.'"

Sheri Linden in the Los Angeles Times revisits Alex Cox's Repo Man.

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Anonymous said...

"I've got to get my car outta this bad area." ...I still say that all the time :) Ed