Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"We Just Want to Be the Band We Were in 1985"

"A sign of the times, reviewers frequently described Quercio's voice and stage persona in terms that, from a 21st-century lens, seem an awful lot like coded homophobia. He was routinely dismissed as being too 'fey,' and one 1987 review in the San Diego Union-Tribune labeled him a 'twerp.'
"'We were in Arizona, and I remember a local Phoenix reviewer described Michael as the "king of twee,"' said Benair. 'That really bothered him.'
"Quercio, for his part, is magnanimous about any homophobia he may have faced: 'It was really never much of an issue. Probably because we came up in Los Angeles, where no one really cared.'"

Matthew Fleischer in the Los Angeles Times meets up with a reunited Three O'Clock.

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