Thursday, August 15, 2013

Safe at Home

"A single-story, modest, cozy motel with 10 units and four bungalows on Twentynine Palms Highway, it boasts a memorial that bears his name, and you can purchase a Gram Parsons T-shirt in the motel's lobby. Room 8 still exists, but the only piece of furniture dating back to Parsons' death is a round mirror at the foot of the bed. A painted portrait commemorates Parsons and on a nightstand there's a guest book in which visitors can write messages. Joshua Tree Inn owner Margo Paolucci says she gets guests from around the world looking to stay in Room 8.
"'When we have a walk-in, we never give them this room,' she says. 'It's only somebody that requests it because they know something about Gram or they'd love to learn about Gram.'"

Robert Fulton in the LA Weekly looks at Joshua Tree forty years after the death of Gram Parsons.

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