Monday, January 11, 2016

Can't Help Thinking About Me

"That's why he always inspired such fierce devotion. As a teenager in the Eighties, at home glued to my radio on Saturday because I couldn't get a ticket to the Bowie show in Boston, I listened as a group of WBCN DJs arrived at the studio fresh from the show, with a cigarette butt they'd swiped from an ashtray backstage. And I listened with goosebumps as they ceremonially smoked it on the air. Bowie fanatics are like that. Which is why so many different people have heard themselves in his music, whether it's Barbra Streisand covering 'Life On Mars?' in 1974 or D'Angelo covering 'Space Oddity' in 2012, George Clinton namechecking him on Mothership Connection or Public Enemy sampling him in 'Night of the Living Baseheads.' Somehow I really thought he'd outlive us all. After all, he'd outlived so many David Bowies before."

Rob Sheffield in Rolling Stone writes an appreciation for David Bowie.

As does Bill Flanagan on CBS's Sunday Morning.

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