Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Donald Trump Is Not a True Conservative"

"While his rivals have focused on Trump's decades-old blasphemies against Saint Reagan, the Donald's 2016 campaign has been chock-full of such heresies. In fact, the best thing about the narcissistic reality star's presidential bid has been his singular willingness to say very true things that no Republican is ever supposed to say."

Eric Levitz in New York tallies Donald Trump's deviations from conservative orthodoxy.

And David French in National Review argues that the Republican Party has "overestimated the conservatism of its own southern, rural northern, and Midwestern base."

David Frum in The Atlantic asserts that Republican Party leaders have failed in "addressing the fears and anxieties of the American middle class."

Jonathan Chait in New York writes that "for all the conservative fury directed at Trump, the specifics of the case against him is oddly thin."

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