Friday, April 01, 2016

"But How Has Such a Doctrine Become Holy Writ in a Party Dedicated to the Welfare of the Common Man?"

"Innovation liberalism is 'a liberalism of the rich,' to use the straightforward phrase of local labor leader Harris Gruman. This doctrine has no patience with the idea that everyone should share in society's wealth. What Massachusetts liberals pine for, by and large, is a more perfect meritocracy — a system where the essential thing is to ensure that the truly talented get into the right schools and then get to rise through the ranks of society. Unfortunately, however, as the blue-state model makes painfully clear, there is no solidarity in a meritocracy. The ideology of educational achievement conveniently negates any esteem we might feel for the poorly graduated."

The Huffington Post presents an essay adapted from Thomas Frank's Listen, Liberal.

As does The Baffler.

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