Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"I Presume the Rich Might Disagree"

"One effect of focusing on economic conflict, as Sanders has done, is that it helps reduce other types of conflict. With his calls for breaking up Wall Street banks and helping young people with tuition, Sanders is uniting people across lines of identity by directing them to a cause that has nothing directly to do with identity. Moreover, while economics cause serious and passionate fights, compromise is possible. Maybe Bernie supporters will have to settle for less tuition help than they wanted, or Wall Street will have to give up more than it expected. But people will be left standing. With economic negotiations, adversaries can arrive at something other than total victory or annihilation."

Inspired by a Michael Lind article in The New York Times, T. A. Frank in Vanity Fair considers Trumpism, Clintonism, and Sandersism.

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