Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"He Was Barely the Weirdest Candidate on the Scene"

"Polling second coming into the convention, just ahead of McAfee, was a guy named Austin Petersen. Petersen's 35 and looks 14, but question if he's seasoned enough and he'll yelp, 'Tell that to the Marquis de Lafayette.' His go-to applause line: 'I want gay couples to defend their marijuana fields with fully automatic weapons.' Polling fourth, one slot behind McAfee, was a fellow named Darryl W. Perry, who accepts campaign donations only in the form of precious metals and cryptocurrency and who opted to have his nominating speech delivered by an 'erotic services provider' who goes by the moniker 'Starchild.' Perry’s most animated moment in the debate came when he slammed his fist against his lectern, forehead veins a-popping, as he insisted that 5-year-old children should have the legal right to inject heroin without adult supervision."

Seth Stevenson in Slate visits the Libertarian Party's convention.

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