Friday, May 27, 2016

"How Political Is the Personal?"

"Literary theorist Walter Benn Michaels argues, for example, that diversity can give a veneer of social justice to ideas about market competition and meritocracy that in reality promote inequality.
'The rule in neoliberal economies is that the difference between the rich and the poor gets wider rather than shrinks—but that no culture should be treated invidiously,' he explains.  'It's basically OK if economic differences widen as long as the increasingly successful elites come to look like the increasingly unsuccessful non-elites. So the model of social justice is not that the rich don't make as much and the poor make more, the model of social justice is that the rich make whatever they make, but an appropriate percentage of them are minorities or women.'"

Aviva Chomsky at Huffington Post connects campus protests to "neoliberal multiculturalism."

And Nathan Heller in The New Yorker reports from Oberlin.

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