Friday, May 13, 2016

"We" and "They"

"But the minority nation is coming, no matter how much Trump's supporters resent it. In 2016, 27 million Hispanics will be able to vote, and almost half of them were born after 1980; this will be true even if immigration is permanently halted and some undocumented workers are sent home. Meanwhile, opinion toward immigrants is improving nationwide. In 1994, more than 60 percent of both Republicans and Democrats said immigrants were a burden on the country because they took jobs and health care. In fall 2015, just 17 percent of Democrats agreed; in fact, more than three-quarters of people under 35 said immigrants strengthen the country. If this is struggle over the future of America's ethnicity, Trump's supporters are fighting a battle in a war they have already lost."
Derek Thompson at The Atlantic reminds readers that "[e]conomic anxiety and racial resentment are not entirely separate things." 

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