Sunday, May 01, 2016

We Was All on the Cover of Newsweek

"The catalyzing episode occurred on May 17, 1968, six weeks after the murder of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the outbreak of new riots in dozens of cities. Nine Catholic activists, led by Daniel and Philip Berrigan, entered a Knights of Columbus building in Catonsville and went up to the second floor, where the local draft board had offices. In front of astonished clerks, they seized hundreds of draft records, carried them down to the parking lot and set them on fire with homemade napalm.
"Some reporters had been told of the raid in advance. They were given a statement that said in part, 'We destroy these draft records not only because they exploit our young men but because they represent misplaced power concentrated in the ruling class of America.' It added, 'We confront the Catholic Church, other Christian bodies and the synagogues of America with their silence and cowardice in the face of our country's crimes.'"

Daniel Lewis in The New York Times writes an obituary for Daniel J. Berrigan.

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