Tuesday, June 07, 2016

"All I See Is Rubble and Inter-Party Rage"

"My wild guess is the old fault lines return: religious conservatives versus reform, non-grievance conservatives. Both sides, at least the smarter elements, will understand that a middle-class-friendly, upward-mobility empowering agenda is needed to ever win again. That vision, framed in reform and multi-cultural terms, is the right thing to fight over. Problem is, the Cruz squad will be back, arguing that Trump wasn't a 'real conservative' so we lost because he was too moderate, etc. Just a replay of their usual hokum.
"I was hoping for Cruz over Trump, so when he lost it would be something that helped the party grow beyond his specious argument. Now it just looks like a long civil war."

Francis Wilkinson at the Chicago Tribune envisions the post-Trump Republican Party.

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