Monday, June 20, 2016

"Almost Two Decades Later, the California Republican Party Still Has Not Recovered"

"When Wilson announced his presidential campaign, California was a Republican-leaning state. Between the end of World War II and the end of the Cold War, it had gone to the Republican presidential candidate nine out of 11 times and elected a Republican governor seven out of 11 times. Republicans controlled the governor's mansion, the state assembly, and a majority of statewide elected offices. And while the state's growing Latino population posed a challenge to GOP dominance, Latinos had shown themselves willing to vote Republican in substantial numbers. According to exit polls, Ronald Reagan won 44 percent of California Latinos in 1984. Republican Governor George Deukmejian won 46 percent in 1986. Pete Wilson himself won 47 percent in 1990. During the Reagan and George H. W. Bush years, according to a study by the political scientists Shaun Bowler, Stephen P. Nicholson, and Gary M. Segura, 'Latinos in California had been drifting toward the GOP.'
"But all of that changed after the GOP began targeting Latino immigrants."

Peter Beinart in The Atlantic compares Donald Trump in the 2010s to Pete Wilson in the 1990s.

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