Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Nothing Gets Short Shrift"

"The film is also, in a quiet way, an argument for our times—and even, if you can believe it, a tribute to the way we talk to and understand each other now. Marcia Clark and the prosecution didn't just underestimate how much race would be a factor in the trial—top to bottom, from their reliance on Fuhrman to their jury selection to just about everything Christopher Darden went through during the whole trial, they didn't even seem to recognize that race would matter. It was something that white people, well-meaning and otherwise, simply could not understand, because it was something they hadn't been exposed to. I was in college in central Illinois when the verdict came down, and like every white person I knew—and I almost exclusively knew white people—I was appalled that O.J. had been acquitted and baffled that anyone would celebrate it. But I'd understand it today."

Will Leitch in New York reviews O.J.: Made in America.

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