Friday, June 24, 2016

"Quintessentially American in Its Mash-Up of Identity and Culture"

"The show's curator, Anne Mallek (former curator of the Gamble House), chose from published photos and unpublished prints, prefacing each section with Ishimoto's images of Katusura Imperial Villa in Kyoto taken 20 years before the Greene and Greene commission. Compositions tend to focus on geometry and design details–wooden hinges, fixtures, masonry–but few wide shots incorporating complete structures. Despite the gap in time and place, the resemblance between the 17th century royal retreat and the Greene and Greene houses of the early 1900s are close enough that one could be mistaken for the other."

In the wake of a new exhibit, Jordan Riefe in The Guardian discusses the architectual photography of Yasuhiro Ishimoto.

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