Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Biden Busted In DNC Parking Lot Selling Bootleg 'I'm With Her' T-Shirts"

"'Those cops cost me a good chunk of change when they yanked my merch, but luckily I've got an extra box of these babies stashed in the trunk of my Zam,' said Biden, who acknowledged the printing was a bit off-center on his knock-off shirts and that he had 'completely blanked' on what Clinton’s logo looked like, but repeatedly insisted the unauthorized apparel was 'pretty damn close.'"

From The Onion.

"Biden Chokes Up While Describing Hardworking Americans Who Can Only Afford Shitty Ditch Weed"

And finally...
"Biden Regales DNC With Story Of '80s Girl Band Vixen Breaking Hard Rock’s Glass Ceiling"

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