Thursday, August 11, 2016

"For Heaven's Sake, Do Not, Repeat Do Not, Read It the Way a Lawyer Would"

"People could do worse than follow Mr. Khan's advice in how to read it, too. In an interview with NPR, Khan was asked to read aloud his favorite passage. He recited Section One of the Fourteenth Amendment, apologizing that 'I lose my composure when I read these words.' Quoting the phrase 'equal protection of the laws,' he said, 'Try to understand the impact of these four, five words in our life.'
"It is a good place to start: Section One is the center of the U.S. political system and scheme of individual rights. Reading the Constitution is an important exercise; but knowing how to read it is essential to the work."

Garrett Epps at The Atlantic gives some recommended reading regard the U.S. Constitution.

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