Tuesday, August 02, 2016

It's a Fair Cop

"Basically, what happened was, we'd done a track with Andy Weatherall independently of everybody. And then Irvine Welsh came and interviewed us for i-D magazine, for Give Out But Don’t Give Up. We obviously really thought he was amazing, we related to him. Working-class guy, drug addict, Scottish. He was punk. Lot of similarities. We had a couple nights out with him, and [we were like], 'What a f**king great guy.'
"We heard they had made a movie of Trainspotting, but they had, like, Blur, Elastica, and Pulp [for the soundtrack]. We were like, 'Wait a minute, man, we're the junkie f**king band! And we're working class!' So we managed to get in touch [with Welsh], and we said, 'We should be in the f**king movie!' And so we gave him the track, and he managed to get the track in the movie at the last minute. They found the scene and they added the track in."

Andrew Unterberger in Spin interviews Bobby Gillespie.

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