Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"The Death of Flair"

"By the mid-1990s, casual theme dining was becoming the butt of jokes. On a 1995 episode of 'The Simpsons,' saloonkeeper Moe opens a restaurant called Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag, specializing in deep-fried food. Moe wears a barbershop quartet costume with candy-striped shirt, bow-tie, suspenders, and a sleeve garter. In a commercial, Moe says, 'If I'm not smiling when your check comes, your meal's on me.'
"His décor includes ferns, a vintage gas pump, stained-glass windows, several taxidermy trophies including an alligator head wearing sunglasses and a cowboy hat, license plates, a '50s jukebox, and a 'Yield' traffic sign. 'Street signs! Indoors? Hmm, whatever!' Marge exclaims."

Lisa Hix at Collector's Weekly traces the rise and fall of antiques-stuffed casual restaurants.

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