Friday, September 23, 2016

"It Is Surreal Now to Revisit Those Early Critiques of Televised Politics From the 1960s"

"Pessimists saw a future in which the substance of political discourse would be cheapened dramatically, and a world in which TV would displace more substantive forms of political communication; stoke partisan disputes; and increasingly sloganize and oversimplify the actual complexities of governing.
"The most dangerous thing about television's growing influence in the political sphere, critics warned, was the possibility that it could lend a false air of authenticity to a candidate’s posturing. Broadcast media as a legitimizing force might, for instance, create the illusion that a candidate is more qualified than he really is."

Adrienne LaFrance at The Atlantic writes that "Donald Trump Is a 1960s Technology Critic's Worst Nightmare."

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