Sunday, October 30, 2016

"I Think a Lot of Folks in the Bay Area Look with a Lot of Envy Toward Los Angeles"

"BART's 44-year-old electric rail system is so decrepit that bay water is seeping into tunnels, ancient power systems surge so much they disable train cars, and even the steel rail itself has cracked and split off during the height of the morning rush hour.
"Meanwhile, Los Angeles is in the midst of a major rail system expansion, building so rapidly that Metro's 105 miles of rail is nearly equivalent to BART's 107 miles. If two-thirds of voters approve Measure M—which would raise the sales tax by an additional half a penny for every dollar spent—Los Angeles County would see a dramatic expansion of rail over the next 40 years."

Rong Gong Lin II in the Los Angeles Times compares the futures of public transportation in Northern and Southern California

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