Sunday, October 02, 2016

"Old White Men Remember a Time When America Worked—for Them, at Least"

"In understanding what Ball calls 'Trump’s graying army,' it is important to understand that a majority of today's seniors came of age at a time when a college education really was not necessary for most jobs—in many cases even management-track jobs. And so, many of them had upwardly mobile careers and are now settled into relatively affluent retirements—the beneficiaries of that rapidly fading, once-dominant institution, the private pension. Slicing and dicing Americans according to educational attainments remains the best measure we have of class divisions, but at the top end of the age spectrum, calling people 'white working class' because they don't have a diploma can be misleading."

Ed Kilgore at The Atlantic discusses Donald Trump's popularity among the elderly.

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