Saturday, October 08, 2016

"What Explains the Distinctive Temptation of Highbrow Reaction Along the Deep-Blue Lower Pacific Coast?"

"Democrats, who now command a supermajority in both of the state's legislative houses, along with the governor's mansion, have been forging ahead with an assertively progressive agenda on all fronts, from the environment to taxes to the culture wars.
"The single most visible cause of this shift was mass immigration—or, alternatively, the failure of California Republicans to adapt to immigration—which produced a demographic transformation of the Golden State without parallel in the rest of the country. The California that elected Reagan its Governor was about 80 percent white and 12 percent Hispanic; today, those figures are 38 percent and 39 percent, respectively. In other words, California squeezed into forty years a transformation that is expected to take at least a century for America as a whole (if it takes place at all, given rates of assimilation and ethnic attrition) and which many Trump supporters clearly resent and fear."

Jason Willick and James Hitchcock in The American Interest identify California politics in the 1990s as a harbinger of Donald Trump.

And in a 1995 Mother Jones article, Dale Maharidge predicts that Pete Wilson's failed presidential campaign would influence national politics in the future.

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