Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Writers at The New York Times react to Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election (as does Nate Cohn).

As do Andrew Sullivan, Ed Kilgore, and Jonathan Chait at New York.

As do Brian Beutler, Jeet Heer, and Ryu Spaeth at The New Republic.

As does Andrew Prokop at Vox.

As does Tom Frank at The Guardian.

As do Joan Walsh and John Nichols at The Nation.

As do Helaine Olen, Jim Newell, Andrew Gelman, and Will Saletan at Slate.

As does Richard L. Hasen at Talking Points Memo (while John Judis and Theda Skocpol debate each other).

As does Kevin Drum at Mother Jones.

As do Bernie Sanders and Harry Reid.

As does The Onion.

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