Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"The Most Deplorable of Them All"?

"The failure to engage the white working class has been described as a grave tactical error, and that may well be true, given the slim margin of victory in swing states. But the media's obsessive focus on this voting bloc would leave you to believe that Trump’s voters largely live in areas hit by the decline in manufacturing, are suffering from economic anxiety, and turned out last Tuesday to voice their disdain for smug urban elitists. But this narrative paints a misleading picture of the typical Trump voter, and by doing so, lets off the hook an entire class of voters who are at least as responsible for Trump's victory:"

Eric Sasson at The New Republic argues that college-educated whites, not working-class whites, were the key group of Trump voters.

And Nell Irvin Painter in The New York Times explores the problem of contemporary white identity.

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