Sunday, November 13, 2016

"The Proper Response Is Steely Resolve to Wage the Fight of Our Lives"

"The party Establishment was on track to wipe its hands of the foul nominee after his expected defeat, clearing the way for fresh-faced, conventionally right-wing figures like Ryan and Marco Rubio to rebuild their party’s standing. The flip side of a president who will sign Ryan's agenda into law is that there will be no more oh-so-­earnest Ryan speeches apologizing from the bottom of his heart for the nominee’s transgressions. Instead, a man who embodies hateful, misogynistic bluster will define the party's imprint in a lasting way. Tens of millions of young voters, and children too young to vote, will grow up associating the Republican Party with a man who embodies reactionary hate against them. The Trump stink will not wash away easily."

Jonathan Chait in New York advises the Democratic Party.

And he adds that "Collaborating With Donald Trump Is Doomed to Fail."

He continues on in December.

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