Monday, November 14, 2016

"Will Tell Us a Lot about How Much He Truly Values the Financial Welfare of the Millions of Americans Who Gave Him Their Vote"

"The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, adopted in the wake of the financial crisis, also set up the CFPB, which Warren initially proposed and later midwifed into existence. Then there are the beefed-up standards for those advising the nation's retirement savers—the fiduciary rule—set to go into effect in April. The proposed standards, which make financial advisers put their clients' best interests over their own, treaded water for years before Warren took an interest in late 2013. Anthony Scaramucci, a principle at Skybridge Capital and an early Trump backer who is now a member of the transition team, compared the new regulations last month to the Dred Scott decision. No, I don't get the analogy, either, but it's clear he doesn't like it."

Helaine Olen at Slate writes that "it's reasonable to assume that [Elizabeth] Warren's accomplishments on behalf of consumers during the eight years of Obama's presidency will get a prime slot in front of Trump’s gold-plated wrecking ball."

And Dahlia Lithwick argues that "Republicans Stole the Supreme Court."

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