Wednesday, November 02, 2016

"You Don't Have to Make Your Vote a Gamble"

"Despite all this, some voters may still understandably be inclined to vote for Stein because doing so could help ensure that the Green Party qualifies for public funding four years from now. (Parties need to have earned at least five percent of the vote in the previous election to get such funding.) 
"But getting the Green Party to five percent won't spell certain death to the two-party system. Even if the party managed to qualify for it, public financing is capped at $20 million plus a cost-of-living adjustment. If you take that money, you're forbidden from accepting private donations, and required to limit spending to just that amount. And $20 million is simply nowhere near enough money to mount a viable presidential campaign; that's why the last candidate to accept it was John McCain, in 2008."

Tessa Stuart in Rolling Stone makes "The Case Against Jill Stein."

And David Frum at The Atlantic makes "The Conservative Case for Voting for Clinton."

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