Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"Fascists Want the Apocalypse"

"What do those ethics entail? 'In fascist mentalities, kindness, empathy, and sympathy are seen as weaknesses, critical self-reflection is seen as a danger to security, and discussion and negotiation is seen as failure,' Gencarella says. 'Existence is a tragic struggle to be won or lost.' This mentality can be traced back to the fascist Ur-text, The Doctrine of Fascism, ghostwritten for Benito Mussolini by his Minister of Education Giovanni Gentile. 'The Doctrine is clear that perpetual war is the preferred mode of existing with others who are different, and especially to crush the weak in order to demonstrate that one is strong,' Gencarella says."

Sean T. Collins at New York argues that "The Walking Dead is the only show that actively courts, rather than critiques, fascist ethics."

And Dominic Green at The Atlantic looks at debates over "fascism."

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