Monday, December 19, 2016

 "It's the Ethic, Not the Policy, That Matters Most"

"While many commentators say Trump will have to bring back jobs or vibrancy to places like the Rust Belt if he wants to continue to have the support of people who voted for him, Thompson's account suggests otherwise. Many if not most Trump supporters long ago gave up on the idea that any politician, even someone like Trump, can change the direction the wind is blowing. Even if he fails to bring back the jobs, Trump can maintain loyalty in another way: As long as he continues to offend and irritate elites, and as long as he refuses to play by certain rules of decorum—heaven forfend, the president-elect says ill-conceived things on Twitter!—Trump will still command loyalty."

Susan McWilliams in The Nation looks at Hunter S. Thompson's 1966 book on the Hell's Angels as a forerunner to the rise of Donald Trump.

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