Friday, January 20, 2017

"An Angry Screed of a Campaign Speech"

"I've been watching and listening to inaugural addresses since John F. Kennedy's, in 1960. I've never heard anything like this one in terms of its divisive content and complete lack of uplift. Even its call for the blessings of the Almighty was to a nationalist God Trump seemed to be charging with protecting the country—if and only if our military and police forces failed. And absent any admission of his own fallibility, his appeal to unity sounded more like a threat of repression than a call for mutual understanding and bipartisanship."

Ed Kilgore at New York reacts to Donald Trump's inaugural address.

"'I Promise To Work Tirelessly To Achieve My Campaign’s Goals,' Threatens Trump In Terrifying Address"

From The Onion.

Mark Joseph Stern at Slate credits Mitch McConnell for the rise of Trump.

And Jonathan Chait at New York reacts to the anti-Trump marches the day after the inauguration.

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