Friday, April 21, 2017

Preoccupied with 1995

"Most of the URLs the Times printed in 1995 are now dead, including those that led to a guide for backpackers and wilderness trekkers; a livestream of a coffee pot; a Grateful Dead fan page; a map of estuaries; a federal spending website; a hub for online gaming; a gardening site; a site devoted to legislation affecting Massachusetts; Wired's coverage of legal issues in cyberspace; Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology; a graphic novel about living with cancer; an illustrated explanation of an infamous flaw in Intel's Pentium chip; a cybermall; a site for making hotel reservations in San Francisco; a site dedicated to subway routes; a virtual frog dissection; a wine-tasting club; a digital map viewer that let you zoom in to any spot on Earth; Yahoo's internet directory from when it was still hosted by Stanford; and an informational site about zebrafish."

 at The Atlantic revisits a list of websites from an article in The New York Times back in 1995.

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