Thursday, April 27, 2017

"The Bile Poured on Him from Every Quarter Makes Today's Internet Vitriol Seem Dainty"

"This process of distillation obscures how Lincoln was perceived in his own time, and, by comparison, it diminishes our own age. Where is the political giant of our era? Where is the timeless oratory? Where is the bold resolve, the moral courage, the vision?
"Imagine all those critical voices from the 19th century as talking heads on cable television. Imagine the snap judgments, the slurs and put-downs that beset Lincoln magnified a million times over on social media. How many of us, in that din, would hear him clearly? His story illustrates that even greatness—let alone humbler qualities like skill, decency, good judgment, and courage—rarely goes unpunished."

Mark Bowden in a 2013 Atlantic article explores Northern criticism of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.

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