Tuesday, June 06, 2017

"Election May Prove to Be a Self-Inflicted Blow, and Perhaps a Fatal One, for Prime Minister Theresa May"

"She called for the election in April, hoping to consolidate her power, increase the Conservative majority, and exploit the perceived weakness of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Tories' 17-point polling lead in April suggested they would widen their 12-seat majority in Parliament by as many as 70 seats. May could be excused for not fearing Corbyn, since his loudest critics have been the Blairites in his own party and the center-left press.
"But the last six weeks have been cruel to May and the Tories. The Labour Party's manifesto was received warmly, and the sense that Corbyn was an aloof and eccentric relic of the stagnant 1970s gave way to the notion that the actual Corbyn was the only politician poised to reverse the austerity regime in place since 2010 and restore and reinforce what was best about the British welfare state."

At New York, Christian Lorentzen asks, "Is Jeremy Corbyn Actually Going to Win This Thing?"

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