Monday, June 12, 2017

"That's Classic Trump"

"Yes, clearly he understands that there are individual battles he's lost or things aren’t going as he had hoped they would, and he doubles down. This is the old Roy Cohn lesson that he learned and has lived by for half a century: When things get rough, double down and keep going. If you say something that's wrong or stupid or misunderstood, you don't apologize, you don't retract, you just double down and hit that harder and harder. That's part of his DNA, and so all of these stories about his anger and his lashing out fit in with that. That's him saying, 'I'm going to stick with this. Everyone tells me it's not a travel ban. It's still a travel ban to me.'"

Isaac Chotiner at Slate talks with a Donald Trump biographer Marc Fisher.

And Jeet Heer at The New Republic calls Trump "a Mobster President."

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