Thursday, June 22, 2017

"The Safety Pin and the Swastika"

"When that under­ly­ing assump­tion remains unques­tioned, the rhetoric of main­stream antiracism is itself sus­cep­ti­ble to appro­pri­a­tion by the right. This is what leads some­one like Richard Spencer to voice approval for inci­dents like one at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ottawa, when a free yoga class for stu­dents with dis­abil­i­ties was shut down for 'cul­tur­al issues of impli­ca­tion.' A Stu­dent Fed­er­a­tion state­ment on the mat­ter went as far as to link it to the threat of 'cul­tur­al geno­cide.' At the blog for Radix Jour­nal, an alt-right pub­li­ca­tion he found­ed, Spencer could bare­ly con­tain his excite­ment. He cit­ed the inci­dent as an exam­ple of 'racial con­scious­ness for­ma­tion,' and applaud­ed stu­dent activists for 'engag­ing in the kind of ide­o­log­i­cal project that tra­di­tion­al­ists should be hard at work on.'
"It should go with­out say­ing that left-lib­er­al iden­ti­ty pol­i­tics and alt-right white nation­al­ism are not com­pa­ra­ble. The prob­lem is that they are com­pat­i­ble."
Shuja Haider at Viewpoint argues that "if they were con­front­ed by a uni­fied 'we'–a sub­ject that refused to rec­og­nize the bor­ders, divi­sions, and hier­ar­chies that are reg­u­lat­ed by the log­ic of iden­ti­ty–the alt-right would be left with nowhere to plant its flag."

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