Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Unions Provide a Mediating Function"

"Pondering the working-class grievances that helped elevate Donald Trump to the Oval Office in 2016, I often ask myself: How different might the political climate have been if 25 percent of the private sector were unionized, as was the case in the early 1970s? If more working-class Americans felt listened to and represented? If modernized unions could buffer economic shocks and improve productivity? The decline of the business model of old-style industrial unions may have been economically inevitable, but the lack of any new model to replace it has been socially calamitous. Unions will not be easy to fix, but allowing them to innovate would be a first step, and possibly also a last chance."

Jonathan Rauch at The Atlantic makes the "Conservative Case for Unions."

And Stacy Mitchell pushes for a revival of interest in antimonopoly.

While Peter Beinart and Franklin Foer explore problems for Democrats regarding immigration and populism.

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