Friday, July 21, 2017

"Liberals Have Supplanted Conservatives as Moralizing Busybodies"

"Social norms against overt expressions of racism have been an important driver of improved social relations in the past 60 years. Sometimes it's a fine political and moral strategy to make people feel guilty—if what they're doing is bad enough, and if there's a strong enough consensus that it is bad.
"The problem with the liberal busybodying is not that it passes any judgments on individual behavior, but that the judgments have become too numerous, too specific, and too frequently changing. Following all the rules has become exhausting."

Josh Barro at Business Insider tells liberals that they "can win again if they stop being so annoying."

Steven W Thrasher at The Guardian calls Democrats "pathetic."

Emmet Penney at Paste warns against liberal "lectureporn."

Thomas Frank at The Guardian says that journalists are "utterly oblivious to how they appear to the rest of America."

Bryce Covert at The New Republic reacts to the Democrats' "A Better Deal" campaign.

And Lee Drutman in The New York Times writes that he has found "one area of notable discord between Clinton and Sanders supporters—their degree of disaffection with political institutions."

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