Sunday, July 30, 2017

Should Have Used Odorono

"It was in the folk-revival circuit, where older black artists met white purists with ties to the old left and (perhaps exaggerated) ideas about authenticity, that the tinder really caught. No one was attacked as personally or virulently as Bob Dylan in the wake of what critic Nat Hentoff called 'the newest commercial boom, "folk-rock" … an outgrowth, in large part, of Dylan's recent decision—decried as a "sellout" by folknik purists—to perform with a rock 'n' roll combo.' When he was asked in one 1965 interview about the hate mail he received after going electric, Dylan described being called a 'Sellout, fink, Fascist, Red, everything in the book.'"

Franz Nicolay at Slate writes a history of "selling out."

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