Thursday, August 03, 2017

"Decidedly Illiberal Causes"

"I can already hear the pushback. What's a few impolitic tweets and photos compared to the horror show of this administration? Save your outrage for the transgender ban in the military, for the lies that spew forth daily from the press briefing room, for the cuts to Planned Parenthood, the shady business with Russia, and, and, and.
"But the nightmare of the Trump administration is the proof text for why all of this matters. We just saw what happens to legitimate political parties when they fall prey to movements that are, at base, anti-American. That is true of the populist, racist alt-right that helped deliver Mr. Trump the White House and are now hollowing out the Republican Party. And it can be true of the progressive 'resistance'—regardless of how chic, Instagrammable and celebrity-laden the movement may seem."

Bari Weiss at The New York Times criticizes four feminist activists.

Ryan Cooper at The Week criticizes Weiss.

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