Tuesday, August 08, 2017

"Exactly What Putin Wants"

"The overarching goal of Vladimir Putin's hacking and disinformation campaign, according to the Jan. 6 report, wasn't to elect Trump or defeat Hillary Clinton. It was to 'undermine public faith in the US democratic process.' An appendix to the report noted that Russian propaganda in the U.S. 'aimed at promoting popular dissatisfaction with the US Government.' A separate expert analysis prepared in October by the nonpartisan Center for Strategic and International Studies and outlined to Congress in March described Russia’s strategy of sabotaging democracies by 'deepening political divides,' 'weakening the internal cohesion of societies,' and 'using democratically elected individuals in positions of power to challenge the liberal system from within.'
"As president, Trump has pursued this mission with gusto. That doesn't mean he has served Putin deliberately; I doubt he has. But Trump has attacked the fabric of America in unprecedented ways."

Will Saletan at Slate writes that Donald Trump has "has pursued the central Russian objective."

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