Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Just the Win That Clinton Needed"

"By winning, Team Clinton doesn't just score delegates—it proves its theory of the race. The Clinton campaign believes that Sanders' strength and enthusiasm is illusory; that it reflects the peculiar demographics of Iowa and New Hampshire—rural states with few minorities—more than any pro-Bernie tide in the Democratic Party. Nevada, in other words, was a test. If Clinton lost, then it presaged a tighter race in South Carolina and beyond, and possibly one that ended with a Sanders nomination. Now, instead, we have a race that essentially looks like it did in the beginning of the year. Clinton has the advantage, and barring a catastrophic decline with black voters, she'll march steadily to the nomination."

Jamelle Bouie in Slate reacts to Hillary Clinton's victory in the Nevada caucus.

And Jeff Stein at Vox argues that Bernie Sanders's strategy is faltering.

The Onion gives credit for Clinton's success to the "baleful, pitch-black tide of fate."

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