Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"What the Spectacle Had to Offer Ordinary Working American Women Was Another Story"

"Hillary Clinton is not a callous or haughty woman. She has much to recommend her for the nation's highest office: for one thing, her knowledge of Washington; for another, the Republican vendetta against her, which is so vindictive and so unfair that I myself might vote for her in November just to show what I think of it. And she has, after all, made a great effort in the course of the past year to impress voters with her feelings for working people.
"But it's hard, given her record, not to feel that this was only under perceived pressure from her primary opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders. Absent such political force, Hillary tends to gravitate back to a version of feminism that is mainly concerned with the struggle of professional women to rise as high as their talents will take them. No ceilings.
"As I sat there in the Best Buy Theater, however, I kept thinking about the infinitely greater problem of no floors."

Harper's runs an excerpt from Thomas Frank's Listen, Liberal.

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