Sunday, August 28, 2016

"As Long as That Process Continues Unchecked, the University's Bold Rhetorical Defense of an Art That It No Longer Teaches Us How to Practice Will Be Nothing Better Than Posturing"

"At one time, the University of Chicago might have been thought to be the one place above all others that was capable of preparing its students to acquit themselves well in difficult, valuable conversations about race, class, and violence. As my experience in seminars attests, though, Chicago is no longer fully committed to humanizing its students the old-fashioned way, through books and discussion. The left's attacks on free speech may endanger the academic project, but the greater threat to the free exchange of ideas comes from academic corporatization."

Malloy Owen at The American Conservative reacts to a recent statement by the Dean of Students of the University of Chicago about academic freedom.

And Jonathan Chait at New York reacts to reactions.

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