Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Donald Trump Has a Massive Catholic Problem"

"That said, it is interesting to look at the makeup of Trump's unusually poor standing among Catholics in the PRRI survey. It shows him losing white Catholics (lately a marginally pro-Republican group) by a 41-44 margin, while losing Latino Catholics (typically a more liberal group when compared to Protestants, who tend to belong to fundamentalist or Pentecostal faith communities) by a catastrophic 13-76 margin. Unless you buy the poorly documented idea that Trump does just fine among Latinos, it should not be surprising that the faith tradition to which a majority of Latino-Americans belong would push the overall preferences of their religious colleagues in a pretty decisive direction away from the mogul."

Ed Kilgore at New York writes that "it seems that a relative weakness among white Catholics—whatever its genesis—is keeping Trump from winning the kind of super majorities among palefaces he is relying on to offset his stark unpopularity with people of color."

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