Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"A Blend of Craft and Cruelty"

"Working on my glam history Shock and Awe, I became fascinated by rock's peculiar compulsion to comment on itself or fold back on its own history self-reflexively, through mixed motives of irreverence and nostalgia, campy irony and sentimental affection. Teeming with homages, invocations, references, and revivals, glam rock was pop culture inventing postmodernism all by itself, years before the concept achieved mainstream currency. That spirit remains a riotous presence in our culture with the explosion of online parody. As much as we feel awestruck fascination for the famous, it seems we're equally driven to demystify and deride them."

Simon Reynolds at Pitchfork presents "a chronicle of those who have turned pastiche and mimicry into an art form across the last 50 years."

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