Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Swamp Things

"In much the same way mainstream society now recognizes that the oceans will rise (well, people who don't read Alex Jones do, at least) and that this has all sorts of ramifications for where we build, for future displacement and migration crises, and so on, it's time to start considering what a political and media climate looks like in which some sizable chunk of the population permanently inhabits a different, impregnable information universe in which—unlike in the slower-paced recent past— hey are constantly fed new false things to believe and share. As in, every hour, if not every minute."

Jesse Singal at New York argues that "it's time to shift out of the mind-set that there is anything that can be done about the fever swamps" of right-wing media.

And Lee Drutman in The Chronicle of Higher Education writes that "[p]erhaps it is finally time to stop pretending there is such a thing as a rational voter."

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