Saturday, November 12, 2016

"I Play to People's Fantasies"

"Early in his career, Trump grasped that--like a pop star--he was selling an image, a brand. Licensed out, the Trump name gets affixed to buildings and businesses that he doesn't own, let alone run. He's an extreme version of what people on Wall Street call a 'glamour stock': an investment that outperforms the market based on an inflated belief in its growth potential or on even more intangible qualities of cool and buzz. Twitter has been described as the ultimate glamour stock, its attractive image vastly out of whack with its ability to make money. A glamour stock will keep on winning right up until it loses–when the gulf between its perceived value and actual wealth-generative potential gets too huge, when reality finally disrupts the reality distortion field surrounding it."

In The Guardian, Simon Reynolds compares Donald Trump to David Bowie.

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