Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Less to Do with Dueling Facts than Rival Definitions"

"This is the lesson of the racist, misogynist candidacy of Donald Trump. We thought these labels, once applied, would stop him in his tracks—that if we could only 'prove' that Trump was racist and sexist, we'd reach some common ground of moral decency, and all but the most extreme Trump supporters would have to back away from him. In the end, though, we misunderstood the vagueness of those terms. Labeling Trump didn't work, because there is no common ground in America when it comes to what those labels mean. No matter what Trump said about women or Muslims or black people, millions of Americans will never see him as a racist and misogynist. That's not about to change."

Daniel Engber at Slate identifies a lack of agreement in the meanings of "racist" and "sexist."

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