Thursday, December 15, 2016

"It May Be the Perfect Time for Such a Project"

"Second, in this era of renewed interest in the Constitution (especially on the Right, but given the nature of the incoming administration in Washington, soon to be extended to the Left), it is essential that public discourse over the 'Founders' intent' include the full realization that the Constitution without the Reconstruction Amendments (the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery, the Fourteenth Amendment guaranteeing equal rights, and the Fifteenth Amendment protecting the right to vote) represented a failed design that inevitably led to a bloody Civil War. Claiming to revere the Constitution while ignoring these amendments, which crucially modified the states-rights and limited-government assumptions of the original document, is to adopt a neo-Confederate stance. 'Constitutional conservatives' sometimes need to be reminded of this basic problem."

At New York, Ed Kilgore agrees with calls for a National Reconstruction Memorial.

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